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1. +RaceHopper+   311 28% 27 21% 86.21
2. SOD THE ODDS   112 31% 20 12% 34.3
3. -CopyCat-   226 14% 14 32% 32.6
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55.51 Thanks Be

Tipped by Golden Goose
55.51 Thanks Be

Tipped by Golden Goose Select
55.51 Thanks Be

Tipped by GG Value
55.51 Thanks Be

Tipped by GG Trainer Form
46.00 Katheefa

Tipped by +RaceHopper+

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Use the tipster league tables to identify tipsters making regular profits.

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"I only started posting tips on tipping league in July and it's great to see your league position every day. I love the competition with other tipsters. I also love the fact that there are no hidden losses, or exaggerated claims of fantastic profits, which incidentally, I have been the victim of in the past when I followed the advice of so-called professional tipsters, only to end up with an empty wallet! Keep up the good work!"

"Keep up the good work, the site is great!"

"Excellent visible source of the most successful tipsters"

"I am sure that the top three or four tipsters on the site are far superior to some of the nationally advertised high profile tipsters, who wont publish their full records basically because they don't make a long term profit."

"I like Tipping League because it gives me betting help and produces more winners for me."

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Recent Highlights

-SandBank- lands a decent winner with Street Poet at 8.40
Trio_To_Triumph lands a cracking winner in the shape of Mitigator running in the 20:00 at LINGFIELD
-Zenith- lands a decent winner with Indeed at 9.00
AimToWin lands a decent winner with Billesdon Brook at 7.40
Wilson won at 9.60 making it a good day for followers of -Race2Place-
-Zenith- lands a decent winner with Firewater at 7.67
Malvarosa lands a magnificent winner in the shape of Badenscoth running in the 15:45 at SANDOWN
A Book Of Intrigue won at 7.88 making it a good day for followers of -AccAttack-
A great winner for everyone following -Hopscotch- with Chinese Spirit winning at 12.40
Trio_To_Triumph lands a decent winner with Billie Beane at 7.77
SOD THE ODDS lands a decent winner with Beauty Filly at 9.40
A great winner for everyone following Malvarosa with Pennsylvania Dutch winning at 10.07

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Learning Zone

Course Specialist
Tipping League makes it easy to find a course specialist tipster. Simply navigate to the league tables, click the "advanced filters" link and then select the racecourse you are interested in. Be sure to look for a tipster with a healthy number of selections.

Protect Your Bank
A serious gambler will consider the size of their betting bank and the chance of their bet winning before placing a bet. All tipsters will go through a losing run at some point and you need to make sure that this won't wipe out your betting bank. Try and stake a small proportion of your betting bank so that you can endure losing streaks and profit from winning streaks.

Turn A £50 Bank Into A £1000 Bank
This betting guide will show how easy it is for casual punters and pro punters alike to very quickly establish a decent betting bank. The simple, minimal risk techniques in this guide have been used by Tipping League members to turn a £50 betting bank into a £1000 betting bank in just a few days.

League Table Advanced Filters
Applying the advanced filters to the league tables can uncover some very interesting stats. For example:

How profitable tipsters' NAPs have been over the last 30 days

Which tipster is most profitable at long distance races

Which tipster is most profitable at flat races

Additional Info:

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