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1. -Kryptonite-   183 47% 15 33% 86.91
2. -Hopscotch-   279 26% 17 22% 72.12
3. +RaceHopper+   89 76% 18 25% 68.05
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Find a Betting Exchange

Having chosen your selection in a race you will want to get the best price available. Betting exchanges often give better odds than bookmakers. In fact the market leading exchanges suggest their odds are on average 20% better than those offered by bookmakers. Below we have listed some betting exchanges.

Betting Exchange Free Bet Notes Features
World Bet Exchange £250 Earn up to £250 in free bets More Info
Betfair £25 The leading betting exchange offering the best market liquidity.  
BetDAQ   Competitive commission rates.  
Total Free Bets Available: £275    

Free bet details were correct at the time of writing but you should check offer details at the time of opening an account.

Additional Info:

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