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1. Golden Goose 208 29% 31 16% 61.02
2. -SteamTrain-   182 33% 16 30% 60.23
3. -FlatAttack-   77 52% 12 28% 40.18
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Affiliate Program Overview


The Tipping League affiliate program has been designed to assist us in achieving our goal of expanding our user base whilst allowing our affiliates to earn substantial income. Our service is market leading, offering more transparency than ever before to the horse racing tipster industry. This, combined with talented tipsters results in a high conversion rate of prospects to clients. You can therefore be assured that driving targeted traffic to Tipping League will result in affiliate commissions being generated.

Our innovation has placed Tipping League at the forefront of the horse racing tipster industry and we are keen to build profitable, long term relationships with affiliate partners. In return for helping us to increase our user base we are happy to reward active affiliates handsomely.

Our affiliate program has been designed with affiliates in mind. Having consulted with established UK affiliate publishers we believe our offering is very attractive and we hope you have the confidence to work with us and begin building a lucrative business relationship.

Cookies and Commissions

Visitors following your affiliate links will be tracked for a period of 6 months. You will be rewarded for sales generated during this period on qualifying products as specified below.

Our affiliate scheme not only offers a generous starting commission rate, we also offer an attractive tiered bonus system to provide a lucrative opportunity to successful affiliates. Our tier structure is as follows:

CommissionRate Requirements (net monthly revenue)
10% (+ 0% Bonus) -
10% (+ 50% Bonus) £100
10% (+ 100% Bonus) £500
10% (+ 150% Bonus) £1500
10% (+ 200% Bonus) £5000

Bonuses apply to qualifying products marked with an * below.

Qualifying Products

Online Tip Sales *

The primary distribution channel of tips for visitors to the Tipping League website is online purchase via credit card. A visitor must register for a members account and then add funds to their account by making a credit card payment. Members can then spend their funds purchasing individuals tips. Affiliates are rewarded upon members funding their accounts.

Tipping Line Calls *

Whilst Online Tip Sales are the primary distribution channel of tips for visitors to the Tipping League website, we do also publish premium rate telephone numbers which may be called to access tips. Since website visitors may choose this method for accessing tips we feel it is only fair for us to make every effort to reward affiliates for calls generated by people refered by the affiliate.

It is only possible for us to track such calls where the visitor registers for a members account AND registers the phone number that is used to make these calls. Where this is the case the affiliate will be rewarded with a commission on the NET call charge generated.

Please note, whilst every effort will be made to reward affiliates where appropriate this will involve a degree of manual tracking.

Betfair Proofing *

The key to success for any horse racing tipster is being able to show that their service makes good profits. In the modern age of betting people are no longer limited to betting with a fixed odds bookmaker, such as Ladbrokes. It is now possible to place bets at Betting Exchanges, such as Betfair. Typically a punter can achieve a 20% improvement in odds by placing bets at a betting exchange. This will naturally have a direct impact on the profits returned from these bets.

Since betting exchanges are readily accessible it makes sense for tipsters to show the enhaced profitability that could be achieved by placing bets at a betting exchange. Our Betfair Proofing Service provides an independent service for tipsters to use to verify profit claims assuming the punter had placed bets at Betfair.

The improvement in profitability that this service demonstrates can be staggering and attracts keen interest from serious horse racing tipsters.

Tipster Referrals

Tipping League aims to be the leading resource for finding profitable horse racing tipsters. We therefore need to have the best tipsters included in our service. If you are able to refer quality tipsters that go on to use revenue generating services operated by Tipping League (including Online Tip Sales & Telephone Tipping Lines) you will earn 10% of the monthly NET revenue generated by this tipster for 6 months from the point they start to use revenue generating services.

What's Next?

We hope we answered above any questions you might have, however, feel free to contact us if you'd like to speak to a member of the team.

If you are ready to start generating substantial revenue from your website visitors, please click here to access our affiliate area.

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